How to Copy an Email Folder to a Hard Drive?


Emails are one of the popular mediums of communication or exchanging information between two people. To send or receive emails, the main thing you need to have is an email account with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, or any other email client. If you don’t have the one yet, then create it by clicking the Register or Sign Up button on the login page of these service providers.

On the other hand, if you already have an email account and want to copy the email folder to your hard drive, then this blog is for you. By email folder, we mean the folder you receive as an attachment in one of the received emails. You can store it to your hard drive merely by following a simple set of instructions.

But, before moving to those instructions, let’s know why it is important to store this folder on to your hard disk. The simple answer to this is for the security of the data or files contained in the email folder. Cybercriminals and scammers can attack your email account and steal or temper the data from it.
And, if you have the entire email folder on to your hard drive, then you can delete it from your email and keep it away from the prying eyes of the cybercrooks. Here is how you can do the same without any expert guidance:

  1. Log in to your email account by entering your registered username and the password
  2. Now, open the email that has a folder in it
  3. Right-click the folder and select Save As from the options
  4. Now, select a location where you want to save the folder on your computer system
  5. Click Ok to save the file
    1. You can also change the file name before hitting up this Ok button

If you don’t see the Save As option, then go to the Tools and select Export. Now, mention the particular folder you want to save on your computer system. In the next step, you will be asked to choose the Export Destination, which is the folder or the drive where you want to save the folder. Click Export, and it’s done.