How to Find Data in Google Sheets with VLOOKUP?


Want to use VLOOKUP in Google sheets? Before moving to the steps for the same, let’s understand what the VLOOKUP is for. VLOOKUP is a formula that can help you find information from multiple sheets that are interrelated. When you use VLOOKUP, you have four arguments; the first is search key value, second is the cell range you want to apply your search to, third is the column index number, and the fourth is the search column is sorted or not.

Apart from these four, there is one more argument that is mandatory only if you want the VLOOKUP to search for the closest match to the entered value. Here is how you can use it in a single sheet:

To understand this scenario, let’s take an example that you have to tables in a single sheet. The first table has the name of the employees, birthdates, and employee ID. In the second table, you will apply the VLOOKUP to find out specific data from the first table. So, here we will take the example of finding out the birthday of an employee having a particular ID number.

The formula for this will be VLOOKUP (F3, A3:D10, 3, FALSE). In this example, VLOOKUP is applied to search the birthday of the employee with ID mentioned in the cell F4. The search will be made from the columns A3 to D10. The formula will display the birthdate in the default DD/MM/YY format.

To know more on how to use VLOOKUP in Google sheets, it is advised to read about the formula thoroughly or contact a support technician. You will be provided with the best solution and immediate guidance in the first call only. The team of support professionals offers round the clock services, which means they can be contacted at any hour of the day.

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