Finding it difficult to start or load your Mac? Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world. It is rare that Mac users find issues with their device, but one cannot be certain about the same. In other words, you might also face technical issues with your Mac. This article provides assistance to those who are unable to turn on their Mac computer system. All you have to do is to follow one of the below-given solutions.

Solution 1- Connect the charger

If pressing the power button results in nothing, then connect the charger to your Mac and wait for at least 10 minutes. This will charge your device, and you can start it. If it doesn’t work, then check whether you have connected the cable properly or not. Also, check if the cable and the charger are in working condition or not. After performing this fix, if the problem persists, then try some other solution given in this article.

Occasionally, it may seem due to the traditional, out-dated, or mismatched application or software, so you have to update the software to fix the cause Io.Netty.Channel.Abstractchannel$Annotatedconnectexception Minecraft error.

Solution 2- Run your Mac in safe mode

While you can use only basic functions on running your computer in the safe mode, it surely helps you to get into it. In fact, it is the only option to recover your Mac in a few of the cases. For enabling the safe mode, hold down the shift key and then press the power button. Once you see the login dialog box, release the shift key. Now, you can get into your system and find out the problem that is causing the problem.

Solution 3- Reset SMC (System Management Controller)

System Management Controller or SMC holds the responsibility of performing a number of ground-level functions, such as battery settings, display reactions, and power button functions, on your device. Reset it by following the stepwise instructions given here:

In case, if the Mac doesn’t have a removable battery

  1. Remove and then plug-in back the power cord
  2. Press Shift-Control-Option together and then press the Power button
  3. Hold these keys for approx. 10 seconds and release them
  4. Now start your Mac

Switch on clipboard history Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed and this is the reason you need to check this step and learn about it. At first check out that is there any history enabled? If yes…Follow below Steps

In case, if the Mac has a removable battery

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Now, press the power button and do not release it till 10 seconds
  3. Put the battery back to its place and start your Mac

For further assistance, call the Apple customer support team.


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