Apple Mail is an email client developed by Apple Inc. that users can use to send and receive emails. This application is pre-installed on every Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices. On top of it, Apple mail is free to use by anyone who owns an Apple device. Like any other email client, Apple mail also has a feature of adding contacts or recipient addresses in the contacts.

The benefit of adding these recipients is that you do not need to enter their name every time you want to send an email. Even typing the initials of their email address will show you the complete address in the drop-down menu. You can select it and go further to send an email.

Address Book, where all the email addresses or contacts are stored, work with Mail as well as the iCal calendar app. You can directly add an email address into the Address Book or use Mail to copy the email address from an incoming email directly into the Contacts or the Address Book. Wondering how? Check out the information given below to know in detail about adding contacts to the Apple mail:

  1. Select the Mail icon available in the Dock, and this will launch the email application. The icon of the Mail is similar to that of a postage stamp.
  2. Now, select an email message from the inbox.
  3. From the Mail menu, choose Messages.
  4. Now, hit the “Add Sender to Address Book” option from the available ones.
  5. This will automatically copy the sender’s name as well as the email address to the Address Book.
  6. Go to the Dock once again and choose the Address Book, which has a light brown book icon with @ symbol on the cover of it.
  7. Right bottom of the Address Book window, you will see a plus sign under the Name column. Click this sign to create a new contact.
  8. You will see a contact form asking you to provide the name, email address, and a few other details of the contact you want to add.
  9. Now, select the red circle available in the top left corner of the Address book
  10. This will close the window

For further information, contact the Apple customer support team.


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