Apple Keynote is a remarkable presentation software application that comes up as a part of iWork productivity suite. With it, you can create and edit presentations and give it directly from your iPhone or iPad. If you too want to use Keynote, then you would be glad to know that this application provides a plethora of options to allow you different types of images for creating a presentation

Once you upload an image, you will see a number of options to edit and adjust them by using the Adjust Image window. Wondering how all this works? Well, check out the information provided below to get a deep understanding of the Adjust Images feature:

  1. Open a new Keynote presentation
  2. Go to the slide that contains the image you wish to modify or adjust
  3. Select the image on that particular slid
  4. Keep the image selected and then go to the View tab from the menu available on the top of the screen
  5. Choose Show Adjust Image, and this will show the Adjust Image palette
  6. Now, drag the slider to the right. Doing this will increase the value of your adjustments. On the other hand, if you move it to the left and then it will decrease the value.
  7. To modify or change the brightness and contrast of the image, drag the slider in front of the Brightness or Contrast option
  8. For changing the density of the color, select the Saturation slider
  9. In case, if you want to give the image a warmer or cooler touch, then use the Temperature slider
  10. Tint Slider is used to make adjustments to the overall tint of the image
  11. For increasing the sharpness, use the Sharpness slider. This slider can also be used for blurring the image
  12. Exposure slider is used to decrease the level of exposure in the image
  13. For adjusting the levels of the shadows as well as highlights, select the Levels slider
  14. If you want to enhance the richness of the color, then select the Enhance button.

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If you want to reset all the adjustments back to the default, then choose Reset image. For further information, contact the Apple customer support team.


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