Want to delete your Apple ID and looking out for the easiest steps to do so?

Well, this article is exclusively for you. Here, we have provided you with the stepwise instructions to disable your Apple ID account. But, before proceeding to the same, it is important to tell you that this is an irreversible action, which means once you delete your ID, you will no longer be able to retrieve any of your data or content.

This content includes your photos, videos, and documents you stored on Apple Cloud. Moreover, you won’t be able to access your messages, use FaceTime, mail, and more. Therefore, it is advised to back up data, download your free DRM purchases, check your subscription status, and store copies of the information related to your device.

To delete your Apple ID account, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your web browser and go to privacy.apple.com
  2. Provide your Apple ID credentials, i.e., the registered email address and the password
  3. Complete the two-step authentication by entering the code received on your registered phone number or email
  4. You will see the Apple ID & Privacy page. Hit the Continue button on this page
  5. Choose Get Started under Delete your Account option
  6. From the list of options available in the drop-down menu, select the reason you want to delete your account
  7. If you don’t want to specify any reason, then you can choose “Prefer not to say” from the list of options
  8. Click Continue to proceed
  9. Review the information displayed on the screen,  and hit the Continue button
  10. Go through the terms and conditions and select the checkbox
  11. Click Continue
  12. Select the mode you want to receive your Apple account status updates
  13. Save the access code you see on the screen. The code will work as your identity verification if you look for the Apple support in the future
  14. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account deletion process.

During the entire process, if you experience any trouble, then reach out to the team of Apple support professionals.


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