MS Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is a worldwide renowned email client that comes up with several other features such as Contacts, Calendars, Note Taking, Journals, and more. You can download it as a stand-alone application or choose to purchase the complete MS Office package, which has Outlook along with other applications.

At present, millions of computer users are using Outlook for their personal and professional use. Once downloaded, you have to register for a new account by entering the required information. For every login, you have to enter your registered email address/username along with the password. However, if you want to get rid of it, then you can configure the application and store the password.

If you change your system or wish to remove this Outlook automatic password later in the future, then you have to follow a set of instructions. These instructions are:

For Office/Outlook 2007 users

  1. Open Outlook application and go to the Tools menu
  2. Now, click Account Settings
  3. From the email tab, choose the email account you want to remove the password of
  4. Hit the Change button
  5. Delete your password and then deselect the checkbox shown in front of the Remember Password option
  6. Close the window

Congratulations! You have successfully disabled the Outlook automatic password.

For Office/Outlook 2010 users

  1. Launch the Outlook application
  2. Go to the Tools menu and choose email accounts
  3. Now, select view or change existing email accounts
  4. Double-click the email account that you want to modify or remove password of
  5. Remove the password
  6. Uncheck the box in front of the remember password option
  7. Click Finish to complete the process

Your password is no longer saved on your device. If you wish to log in to your account, then you will have to enter the password together with your existing username or email address. During the entire process of turning off the Outlook automatic password, if you experience trouble, then feel free to contact Microsoft customer support team. One of the certified and experienced technicians will be glad to assist you with the best possible solution.


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